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The Full Story

A Lifetime of Creativity

Jeff Andrews started out in 1994, working in many fields of the construction industry. Learning from the ground up what a home is made of. Taking his knowledge then into the design and architecture side of the industry, he understands how homes flow, connect, and are built. This has really helped his company be a driving force for contractors and clients.

After many years in the field, Jeff then decided to become an independent business owner and started Andrews Home Design Group in May 2000. Since the doors opened, he has designed homes that range from small starter homes to track home subdivisions, and his main focus is custom “unique” homes. Jeff has designed all types, sizes, and styles of homes and always tries to put in the unique touches that make a home special for his clients. Jeff understands that a home is more than walls, doors, and windows. His homes are based on flow, function, views, curb appeal, maximizing square footage, and stunning details.

Jeff has worked with many contractors, builders, engineers, and interior designers all over the U.S. and enjoys bringing concepts to reality. As an active participant in the St.George Parade of Homes ( since 2000. (see list under CV section). Jeff has shown that his creativity, uniqueness, and ability to provide a great set of custom home plans from a distance are a big part of his business. Many of the clients he works with are in other states and regions, but he has shown that working long distance with today’s technologies is just as effective as meeting face to face.


Jeff prides himself in customer service and will always go the extra mile for his clients. He is very focused on his work and takes pride in every project he takes on.

After owning Andrews Home Design Group for over 21 wonderful years and working with some of the most amazing clients, Jeff decided to slow down and bit and has sold the company. Jeff is now located on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado and has enjoyed helping new clients bring their dreams to life.


Jeff only takes on specific clients but is still interested in speaking to you about your specific project to see if it can work out for both parties.  Whether it’s purchasing an existing design or starting from scratch, Jeff is willing and able to provide professional, precise, accurate, and unique home plans at a very affordable price. Together, let’s make your dream home a reality.

Call or email today to discuss.

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